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I've fixed the original Vehicle Add-On to work with the latest invector Controller (2.5.6..(All credits to the original author of this add-on)

Still works with 2.6C

just changed line 55 in cThirdPersonCamera.cs from 

  [SerializeField] protected bool lockCamera; -- >  public bool lockCamera

VehicleAddOn_Revive_Updated (December 14,2021)

-Fix some issues in the previous package

-Requires Cinemachine 

-Added motorbike 

-Fix Color Picker

-Refactor some scripts

Set up

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i have 2.6.2a this version, you think will work? if help me to integrate on my actual project ill pay you 20$, thanks

I downloaded this for free because I wanted to see if it would work and my gosh it does. AWESOME WORK!!!!!! A few things I'd want to see since I can't seem to figure it out and would totally make this a paid asset and happily pay a price for it.

1) The ability to use the right joystick to control the camera rotation and keep the left joystick for acceleration and turns then use all other buttons for whatever, which already has that option which is awesome.

2) I can't figure out how to use both controller and keyboard to enter a vehicle. For the keyboard E works fine but for a controller joystick 0 which is button A, it won't work unless you click the E on the keyboard first then A on the controller.  

3) Is there a way to simply cut out the animation scene out and simply click E and the character automatically is in the vehicle of choice.  The animation is great but unless if it is attached to an IK, it only looks good for a certain vehicles.  Having the option to simply on of off the animations would make it easier as sometimes keeping it simple is best.

4) Weapon attachments with its own AI system for vehicles would be absolutely amazing. 

5) Any other additions is just a plus.  


How to add collision so that when player's vehicle collide with enemy it should fly off. And please add AI car driving

Do you know if this will work in the latest version 2.6.1b? If so I will buy it. 

its free

Your addon is very good I love it. 

I'm not a coder like your self I made a character menu where you can choose your player and did it Visual script (Bolt)

Is there maybe an option to add an Itemlist in the V_Car Control.
Because when choose a character in my menu it start in my scene but it wil not drive a car, because it I can only give one player game object  in de V_Car Control. 

Maybe you have some ideas for me how to approach something like that. 

Keep up the good stuff :)

Through Bolt, you should be able to switch the player object in the V_Car Control script when starting the scene.

This is great. 

Is there a way to contact you to share some additional helper functionality I added which I think would be useful going forward. 

I could post code here if that is okay. 

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sure..if it helps improve the system..thanks..btw, im in isolation due to covid, might take a while to update it.

Hope you are well.  Will post here in a bit. Great addin.  

This was useful to me, since I have a multi-scene game and the player is persistent across scenes, so can't directly link to vehicle. 

// add this to every car. 

using System.Collections;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using UnityEngine;

public class CarControllerConfigurer : MonoBehaviour


    private V_CarControl myCar;

    private GameObject myPlayer;

    // Start is called before the first frame update

    void Awake()




    public void RegisterPlayerToCar()


        // public method so you can call from onTriggerEnter when close to car, in case onAwake has not been called (e.g. player respawn)

        myCar = this.gameObject.GetComponent<V_CarControl>();

        myPlayer = FindObjectOfType<PlayerReferenceManager>().gameObject;

        myCar.Player = myPlayer;



// add this to the player,  it's just an empty class to make it discoverable across multiple different kinds of players.

using System.Collections;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using UnityEngine;

public class PlayerReferenceManager : MonoBehaviour


Olá ele pode ser usado em versões mais recentes ?

Thank you, please do not abandon it, keep improving, you could even make a paid version, you will surely get buyers .. I would be one

ah no, will update this..im currently finishing a ninja mobile game...but once i get back to my Tomb Raider inspired game which uses vehicles..This addon will surely get updated in improved

new update?